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Month: August 2014

Some Gallatin County drivers see a serious traffic accident and jump to conclusions about its cause. Law enforcement authorities, insurance investigators and lawyers' jobs would be a lot easier if fault was established quickly after auto accidents. It's safe to say...

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Motorcyclists are often not seen on the roadways due to their smaller sizes, but that isn't something drivers can use as a defense when accidents take place. If you've been struck and hurt or have lost a family member to a driver's negligence, you do have a right to...

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There are many times in which a car accident in Montana only results in damage to the vehicles involved. Furthermore, some people are able to walk away from an accident, only suffering minor injuries. Unfortunately, this was not the case in southeastern Montana where...

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Machines work as well as the people who make and use them. Traffic accident, injury and death rates would drop dramatically if all Montana vehicles were manufactured without defects, maintained properly and operated by qualified drivers who were conscious of others'...

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