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Defective Remington Rifles

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Ramler Law Office, P.C. represents individuals and families that have suffered serious harm because a defective Remington bolt-action rifle fired without a trigger pull. From our office in Belgrade, Montana, we have represented clients across Montana and across the country.

Remington Bankruptcy – YOU MAY STILL HAVE A CASE

Remington Arms Company, LLC filed bankruptcy in 2020 but you may still have a case. Contact Ramler Law Office for a free case evaluation.

Defective Remington Rifle Litigation Experience Matters

Ramler Law Office, P.C., has represented numerous individuals and families in cases across the country involving defective Remington bolt-action rifles, including the Model 700 rifle. Richard Ramler represented the family of 9-year-old Gus Barber. Gus Barber was killed when a Remington Model 700 bolt-action rifle fired without a trigger pull. The rifle fired when the safety was released to unload the rifle. The safety had to be released to be able to unload the rifle. The incident was featured in the CNBC documentary “Remington Under Fire.” (See a Bozeman Daily Chronicle article about the incident.)

Remington Class Action Litigation

Ramler Law Office represented plaintiffs in a series of class action lawsuits that resulted in a U.S. Federal District Court ordering Remington Arms Company, LLC to replace the trigger system in every Remington Model 700 bolt action rifle manufactured from 1962 to April 9, 2014, at no charge to the rifle owner upon request by the owner. This order applied to approximately 6 million Remington Model 700 rifles and is the result of the settlement approved by the Federal Court in Pollard v. Remington Arms Company, LLC. The Federal Court further ordered Remington to replace the trigger system in every Remington Model 710, 715, and 770 rifle manufactured with a trigger mechanism that utilizes a trigger connector at no charge upon request by the owner. This part of the order applies to approximately 750,000 rifles.

What Is the Defect?

The defect in these rifles is the trigger and safety system, known as the “Walker” trigger system or fire control. The “Walker” trigger has a unique part called a “trigger connector” that is not attached to any other part in the trigger.The “free-floating” trigger connector moves around inside the trigger housing each time the rifle is fired and does not reliably return to its proper position inside the trigger. When the trigger connector does not return to its proper position, the rifle can fire without the trigger being pulled. The rifles typically fire without a trigger pull when the safety is released, when the bolt is opened or closed, or when the rifle is jarred slightly. Millions of these rifles have been sold by Remington in various models since 1948. Unfortunately, the defect has led to serious injuries and wrongful deaths throughout the country. Remington knew about the problem for decades. For example, Remington received on average 5 reports a week that a Model 700 rifle fired without a trigger pull, each and every week for 28 years. (1992 – 2019). Ramler Law Office is aware of more than 150 lawsuits have been filed because of the defective trigger system.

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An accidental shooting can leave an entire family reeling and wondering how to cope with the grief. By consulting with an experienced firearm accident attorney, you can understand how these cases are handled as personal injury or product defect cases. You may be entitled to be fully compensated for your loss, including compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, interference with daily living activities, physical and emotional pain and suffering, and loss and grief resulting from the death of a family member. To discuss your defective firearm case, whether it is a fatal accident or serious injury, call 406-924-4810 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.