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Tesla's electric semitruck can prevent jackknifing accidents

The electric automaker, Tesla, has been taking the passenger vehicle market by storm, and now it wants to tap into the semitruck and transportation business by selling the electric Tesla Semi, which boasts numerous safety features. These features could offer solutions to some of the most dangerous aspects of semitrucks that cause fatal truck accidents.

Safety features in the Tesla Semi include revolutionary technology. One feature relates to jackknifing, a common cause of unnecessary semitruck accidents. In jackknifing events, the semitruck cabin turns one way, the trailer turns another way and a crash ensues. It's not uncommon for the gravitational imbalances involved to flip the semi over onto its side. This can lead to fatal and injurious collisions with other vehicles.

Do you trust your gun not to malfunction?

For many people, hunting is a way of life in Belgrade and the surrounding areas, as well as many other places across the United States. Like with any sport, hunting requires the right equipment. You need proper clothing, an orange vest or coat to mark you as a non-target, and various other gear when you head out before dawn. You also need a hunting rifle you can trust.

Since guns are very dangerous weapons, you want one that you can rely on. This means you do not want to worry about it firing on its own, like the Remington 700. However, as a gun owner, it is important to understand how product liability works in terms of firearms.

Montana high school coach succumbs to injuries after car accident

The former head basketball coach for Butte High School was recently struck by a vehicle while going for a walk. The coach's family members reported last Thursday morning that he had died from injuries he suffered in the collision.

Police say that they arrived on scene early Thursday morning just after the accident. It was the 76-year-old retired coach's habit to go for early morning walks. Tragically, even though the man was wearing reflective clothing and he was walking in an area of the road reserved for parking, a female driver struck him head-on in a large, late model passenger vehicle.

Who are the defendants in a truck accident?

When most Montana residents get hurt by a negligent or unlawful truck driver, they focus on the truck driver to hold him or her accountable. However, the truck driver who caused your car accident and injuries may not be the only one who's liable. The employer of the truck driver could also be liable for financial damages resulting from your auto accident.

Whenever a potential personal injury plaintiff gets hurt in an accident, it's important to determine all of the liable defendants. This will help ensure that the injured plaintiff has the highest chance of success in his or her efforts to recoup financial damages. After all, a truck driver may not have very much in the way of personal assets to cover the costs associated with the injured person's medical care. The employer, on the other hand, will probably be carrying liability insurance that is sufficient to pay out a large personal injury settlement or award.

Loss of consortium: When your spouse's injuries injure you

Any spouse -- whose husband or wife suffers a catastrophic injury in a car crash -- will feel intense empathy and pain for his or her injured loved one. They will also be busy taking care of different odds and ends at home and the hospital, and they may even serve as at-home nurse for their spouse as he or she recovers after being released from the hospital.

If you're one of these spouses -- who is helping your husband or wife deal with his or her injuries -- have you considered how your spouse's accident has affected you? It's not easy to adopt this mindset when your spouse is obviously suffering a great deal more than you due to his or her physical injuries. However, if you really stop to think about it, you have suffered injuries and you may be able to file a claim against the at-fault party for "loss of consortium."

Drunk teen drives off 250-foot embankment: 2 injured

A sport utility vehicle drove off the road close to the Mt. Baker Ski Resort district earlier this month, leaving the driver and one occupant seriously injured. The victims might not have been found if not for witnesses who saw the tire tracks leading off Mt. Baker Highway. The witnesses followed the tracks and discovered the SUV, which had driven off a cliff and was several hundred feet away from the road.

Twenty firefighters were needed to rescue the victims of the crash, who were at the bottom of a 250-foot embankment in a 1998 Chevrolet Blazer. Firefighters miraculously rescued everyone in the car in a rescue operation that took almost four hours to complete.

An action plan for self-driving vehicle crashes is needed

Have you seen a self-driving car on the road? It's unnerving to see a vehicle driving around town without a driver, but we'd better get used to the idea. We'd better create a plan for how to handle self-driving vehicle crashes as well.

For one, we need to establish clear ways of determining who is at fault in self-driving vehicle collisions. We also need to determine who will be liable if the self-driving car is at fault. Will it be the owner of the self-driving car, the automaker or both?

5 misconceptions about truck accident prevention

When it comes to truck accident prevention and the safety of big rigs, there are a lot of "so called facts" that people throw around. Many of these facts just aren't true. In an effort to dispel some of these myths, let's take a look at some of the most common truck accident safety misconceptions that you might encounter.

Myth 1: Truck accident safety is better than ever.

How to survive a tire blowout

Tire blowouts happen a lot more frequently than most motorists would care to know. You might think that these incidents happen due to a weak spot in the tire, a nail in the road or too much pressure. While these are indeed frequent causes of a blowout, most are the result of too little air in the tire. The lack of air pressure causes too much flexion in the tire, which causes the tire to overheat.

It doesn't matter how your tire blows; these incidents are extremely dangerous no matter the cause. As such, to prevent your vehicle from ending upside down, it's important that you react to the tire blowout in a very specific way:

  • Don't jerk your steering wheel or hard break in surprise: This is the biggest mistake drivers make. Reacting like this will make your car more difficult to control -- and it could result in a crash.
  • Maintain your hands at 10 and 2: Make it a habit to keep your hands at 10:00 and 2:00 on your steering wheel. Yes, this means both hands. This preparation will prevent numerous crashes, and it will also help you be prepared in the event of an unexpected tire blowout.
  • Give your car a little bit of gas: Your car will want to decelerate quickly after a tire blow. It's important to give your pedal a little bit of gas to keep the momentum and let the vehicle slow down more gradually.
  • Offset the pull: Gently nudge the steering wheel in the opposite direction that your car wants to pull. Don't drastically over-correct, but steer your car enough to offset the pull caused by your tire blowout as you maintain your vehicle's lane.
  • Pull off to the side: As your car stabilizes, allow your vehicle to slow and pull off to the side of the road. Try to distance your car as far from the flow of traffic as you can. Pull into a parking lot if possible.

Montana dad wants Remington to fix its fatal trigger flaw

A father from Gallatin Valley wants Remington to correct a trigger flaw that led to the death of his son 17 years ago. The man warned viewers in a recent television interview that more people will die this year, as they do every year, because of the defective trigger device built into the Remington Model 700.

The man's son died while they were hunting in October at the beginning of hunting season 17 years ago. Having lost his son because of a fatal defect with the fire control mechanism on a Remington Model 700, the man said that he often worries about who has been killed or injured by this weapon since the death of his son so many years in the past.

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