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Common reasons for trucking accidents

Trucking accidents happen every day on U.S. roads and interstates. Fortunately, most of them do not result in serious injuries or death, but some of them do. For this reason, it's important that we learn and understand why trucking accidents happen so that they can be avoided in the future.

Here are some of the most common reasons why trucking crashes occur:

Winter driving safety tips: How to stay safe in snowy conditions

Most Montana drivers are skilled at driving in snowy and wintery conditions. It comes with the territory of living in a cold-weather state. However, there are probably a few tips and tricks that even the most skilled winter driver doesn't know about.

Be sure to review the following winter weather driving advice and you just might save you or a loved one's life.

Montana bicyclist suffers serious injuries in car accident

No one expects to get hit by a car while going for a bicycle ride, but these incidents happen every day in Montana. One minute you're riding your bicycle and enjoying the cool, winter air, and the next minute your at the hospital recovering from injuries following a serious bicycle versus car accident.

One such accident recently hospitalized a bicyclist in Billings due to serious injuries. At a little before 8 p.m. last Sunday night, a motor vehicle struck a bicyclist. According to the police officers who tended to the accident scene, the bicyclist suffered head injuries, in addition to injuries to his hip and left shoulder.

Severe winter weather results in safe driving warning

As Montana gets pummeled with cold weather, local law enforcement officers and the highway patrol are asking drivers to slow down. After the state got hit with cold weather before New Year's Day, numerous vehicle accidents happened along Interstate 90 because of the hazardous conditions. One collision involved a plow truck and a passenger car on Dec. 28, close to mile marker 87.

The plow truck was heading back to refuel when a passenger car tried to pass it. However, rather than passing the plow truck, the passenger car lost control. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the collision, but the highway patrol wants the incident to serve as a reminder to all drivers that severe winter driving conditions are not the time to drive aggressively or try to pass slower-moving vehicles.

The 3 types of a defective firearms case

A firearm can be an extremely dangerous weapon when it gets into the wrong hands. However, it can be even more dangerous if it's defective. Indeed, defective guns have been known to go off without even pulling the trigger, explode into the user and malfunction in a host of other dangerous and potentially fatal ways.

When a serious firearm accident result in injury or death due to no fault of the user or owner of the weapon, victims and their family members may want to hold the manufacturer of the defective rifle or gun accountable in court. However, just because you or your family member got hurt by a firearm doesn't mean you have a case. Here are the three types of personal injury or wrongful death claims relating to firearms:

  • A firearm might not be defective per se. It might just have various dangers associated with it that the users will not immediately know about. Manufacturers of firearms have a duty to warn users of foreseeable risks, and they have a duty to provide adequate instructions for use. If failing to warn the user or failure to give appropriate instructions causes an injury or death, it could give rise to a lawsuit.
  • A firearm that's flawed due to a manufacturing defect presents serious dangers to users. However, a manufacturer might continue to produce the firearm despite these dangers and knowingly risk the safety of its customers. Such defects could later give rise to a lawsuit.
  • Another category of firearm injury case involves a gun that was created exactly as it was designed, without any manufacturing-related flaws; however, design flaws result in the gun being dangerous. In these cases, the manufacturer often knew about the design flaws but did not try to reduce the risks by creating an alternative design to fix the problem.

Should I replace my child's car seat following a crash?

You might look at your child's car seat following a motor vehicle collision and wonder: Is it safe to keep using this, or did the crash damage it and make unsafe? This is a question that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has offered guidance on, so you might want to refer to the NHTSA's recommendations about car seat safety and replacement following a vehicle crash.

The NHTSA says that in order to re-use a car seat following a collision, the following factors must be true:

  • You could drive your car away from the scene of the crash. The vehicle did not need to be towed away. If it was towed away, then you should replace your child's car seat.
  • The door in closest proximity to your child's car seat didn't get damaged. If the car seat wasn't close a door, use the door closest to the car seat for reference. If damage happened to that door, you'll want to replace the seat.
  • The crash did not result in any injuries. Replace the car seat if any person suffered an injury.
  • The airbags in your vehicle did not deploy. This includes all airbags: front, back and side. Replace the car seat if any airbags deployed.
  • You don't see any kind damage on the seat. If damage is visible, replace it.

Tesla's electric semitruck can prevent jackknifing accidents

The electric automaker, Tesla, has been taking the passenger vehicle market by storm, and now it wants to tap into the semitruck and transportation business by selling the electric Tesla Semi, which boasts numerous safety features. These features could offer solutions to some of the most dangerous aspects of semitrucks that cause fatal truck accidents.

Safety features in the Tesla Semi include revolutionary technology. One feature relates to jackknifing, a common cause of unnecessary semitruck accidents. In jackknifing events, the semitruck cabin turns one way, the trailer turns another way and a crash ensues. It's not uncommon for the gravitational imbalances involved to flip the semi over onto its side. This can lead to fatal and injurious collisions with other vehicles.

Do you trust your firearm not to malfunction?

For many people, hunting is a way of life in Belgrade and the surrounding areas, as well as many other places across the United States. Like with any sport, hunting requires the right equipment. You need proper clothing, an orange vest or coat to mark you as a non-target, and various other gear when you head out before dawn. You also need a hunting rifle you can trust.

You want one that you can rely on. This means you do not want to worry about it doing things like firing on its own, as lawsuits have alleged regarding the Remington Model 700. However, as a gun owner, it is important to understand how product liability works in terms of firearms.

Montana high school coach succumbs to injuries after car accident

The former head basketball coach for Butte High School was recently struck by a vehicle while going for a walk. The coach's family members reported last Thursday morning that he had died from injuries he suffered in the collision.

Police say that they arrived on scene early Thursday morning just after the accident. It was the 76-year-old retired coach's habit to go for early morning walks. Tragically, even though the man was wearing reflective clothing and he was walking in an area of the road reserved for parking, a female driver struck him head-on in a large, late model passenger vehicle.

Who are the defendants in a truck accident?

When most Montana residents get hurt by a negligent or unlawful truck driver, they focus on the truck driver to hold him or her accountable. However, the truck driver who caused your car accident and injuries may not be the only one who's liable. The employer of the truck driver could also be liable for financial damages resulting from your auto accident.

Whenever a potential personal injury plaintiff gets hurt in an accident, it's important to determine all of the liable defendants. This will help ensure that the injured plaintiff has the highest chance of success in his or her efforts to recoup financial damages. After all, a truck driver may not have very much in the way of personal assets to cover the costs associated with the injured person's medical care. The employer, on the other hand, will probably be carrying liability insurance that is sufficient to pay out a large personal injury settlement or award.

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