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Motorcycle safety for warm spring weather

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcyclists are a common sight on the Montana roads year-round, but when the warmer weather arrives, their presence becomes even more noticeable. Riders and drivers of conventional automobiles and trucks are expected to share the road and ensure everyone is safe. For the most part, everyone does. Still, there are dangers lurking around every corner.

This is particularly troubling for motorcyclists who are relatively unprotected. When there is an accident, they are prone to a variety of injuries from cuts and bruises to road rash to something more severe like a spinal cord injury, brain trauma and lost limbs. Recently, riders and law enforcement have begun speaking out about safety concerns.

Anecdotal evidence emphasizes risks riders face

Riders who have long enjoyed the open roads and the freedom that comes with getting on their motorcycle and taking off also lament how problematic the roads have become. This holds true for riders and auto drivers alike. One experienced rider stated that some riders are taking unnecessary risks, forgetting that a small collision can be disastrous for riders.

Law enforcement is also taking notice. In recent weeks, there were two fatal collisions around the Billings area. One person was seriously hurt. Police say recklessness is often a catalyst to these crashes, but drivers are also playing a role with the prevalence of simply not watching the road and failing to focus on what they are doing.

Another concern is speeding on the part of automobiles and motorcycles. In one incident, there was a collision between two motorcycles. One rider lost their life. Lane-splitting is a new challenge for safety. Enacted in the fall of 2021, riders can “filter” between vehicles on their bikes. Statistically, this has not shown to have an impact on the number of accidents, but it is still a dangerous action that should be used sparingly.

Despite safety campaigns, motorcycle-car accidents remain a major problem

Even if people are adhering to all the rules and focusing on safety, there is an inherent danger with motorcycles and larger vehicles trying to share the road. An accident can be catastrophic for a rider with long-term damage and loss of life.

People who were in a motorcycle accident need to be cognizant of what they will face and know what options are available to effectively move forward. A comprehensive investigation and taking the necessary steps to recover compensation can be helpful in pursuing a case.


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