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Understanding Premises Liability Law In Montana

In Montana, a person who is injured on someone else’s property due to a negligent failure to repair a dangerous condition or failure to warn of a potentially harmful defect can recover damages. This is true whether the person was invited on to the property or went on to the property for his or her own benefit as a “licensee” or “trespasser.”

The most common premises liability cases involve slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents, insufficient security and dog bites. Other examples include unsafe conditions in hotels or motels, swimming pools, restaurants or common areas of apartment buildings or condominiums.

Who Caused The Injury?

Montana’s law of comparative fault is important in premises liability cases. If it can be shown that an injured party is 51 percent or more liable for his or her injuries, it is not possible to collect damages. If the court determines that an injured party is 50 percent or less liable for his or her injuries, the amount of damages recovered may be decreased by that amount.

At Ramler Law Office, P.C., we advocate on behalf of injured parties in premises liability cases. We will protect your interests and work to maximize the amount you recover. Insurance companies are well-staffed with knowledgeable lawyers who know how to minimize the amount that is paid out in injury claims. It is important that you have equally knowledgeable legal representation.

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