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Holding Bad Faith Insurers Accountable

Insurance companies have an obligation to deal with claimants in “good faith.” Often, however, insurance companies do not fulfill their obligations. From health to auto, home and life insurance, time and time again our lawyers have helped clients throughout the Bozeman area who have been treated unfairly by insurance companies.

At the Ramler Law Office, P.C., we know the strategies that insurance companies use to protect their own bottom line. We have our own strategies for maximizing the amount our clients recover following an injury accident.

What Does “Bad Faith” Mean Under State Law?

Insurance companies have several duties to their insured that they must uphold to avoid a bad faith claim. Some of the more notable duties include the duty to reasonably investigate the claim, the duty to pay a settlement agreement, and the duty to reasonably settling a claim. If you believe your insurer failed these or other duties, you may have a claim on your hands.

What Damages Can Be Recovered In A Bad Faith Claim?

There are multiple consequences insurance companies have to pay for in a bad faith claim. First, they need to pay contract damages, or the amount of money they owe the policyholder, plus interest. Next, they will need to pay extracontractual damages, or the financial losses, emotional suffering and legal fees the policyholder experienced because of the bad faith incident. Lastly, insurers will likely have to pay punitive damages, which act as a punishment for the insurance company for acting in bad faith in the first place.

How We Fight For You

Insurance companies enter into contracts with their customers to cover them financially when accidents occur. But they also have the incentive to deny or delay payment as long as possible in a bad faith claim. Some insurance providers’ compensation is based in part on how much they can minimize the amount paid to claimants.

We observe bad faith insurance most often in car accident liability claims. Though an insurance company might be willing to work with you on a property damage claim, it often refuses to acknowledge that its insured driver was at fault for your injury.

Earning The Compensation You Deserve

Our attorneys fight to make insurance companies pay lost wages, medical bills and any other appropriate damages in your insurance claim. If the insurer refuses to pay, we will go to trial and fight for what you are legally entitled to.

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