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December 2013 Archives

FMCSA says PSP screening efforts are lowering crash rates

We frequently write about the efforts of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This federal agency is the one most explicitly tasked with preventing commercial vehicle accidents and better ensuring the safety of commercial vehicles in general. Like all agencies, sometimes the FMCSA’s efforts are successful in advancing its mission and sometimes they ultimately prove to be futile. Thankfully, some of the FMCSA’s most recent efforts aimed at reducing trucking accidents have gotten off to a successful start.

Wrongful death claim may be Montana family's best option

Parking lot accidents are fairly common. Typically, a driver accidentally hits another car. Every once in a while, a driver may even accidentally hit another person. The majority of these accidents are considered minor and result in mostly cosmetic damage to the vehicles. However, a parking lot accident last August proved deadly for one Montana man, and a wrongful death claim may be his family's best option in coping with the situation.

Montana hit-and-run car accident leaves 1 injured

When someone is injured in a car crash, it can be very challenging for him or her to focus on recovery when there are medical expenses and other damages to worry about. The situation can be even worse if the injured person was involved in a hit-and-run and the other driver is still at large. After a recent car accident in Montana that caused an injury, the Billings Police Department is searching for the driver of a Dodge truck that left the scene.

Thousands of decorating-related injuries expected this season

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), injuries requiring emergency medical care related to holiday decorations have increased every year for the past four years. Since 2009, a minimum of 12,000 Americans have required this specific kind of emergency care.

Astonishing pileup crash teaches valuable safety lessons

Earlier this week, a video of a massive car pileup on a Midwestern highway went viral. Though gawking at car accidents is ordinarily a tacky and uncompassionate behavior, viewers of this video may have learned several valuable lessons about motor vehicle safety in the wintertime and in bad weather year-round. Our readers can similarly learn from this tragic 40-car pileup situation.

Are new driving limits making truckers more tired?

Several months ago, new federal regulations aimed at preventing drowsy driving accidents in the trucking industry took full effect. These new rules limit the number of hours that truckers may remain behind the wheel per shift and per week. They also mandate rest periods under certain circumstances. It is hoped that these new laws will help to prevent hundreds of serious truck accidents on American roads annually.

Older drivers almost as distracted as younger ones

The fact that teens and younger adult drivers frequently engage in texting behind the wheel and other distracted driving behaviors is now common knowledge. A myriad of legal restrictions, educational campaigns and technology modifications have been initiated in various efforts to curtail the practice of distracted driving among younger motorists. Unfortunately, a new report indicates that efforts need to be made in order to deter older motorists from engaging in the same behaviors as well.

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