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November 2013 Archives

Could spicy treats land your kids in the emergency room?

Kids have interesting palates. Though most like fairly bland foods such as macaroni and cheese, fish sticks and crackers, others crave super sour, sweet and spicy treats. It can be quite amusing to see kids’ reactions to certain fun, extreme foods that they enjoy. However, a few recent incidents indicate that certain extreme treats may actually be dangerous products when consumed by children.

Avoiding collisions with deer this season

In Montana, it is easy to spot wildlife from the road in nearly every part of the state. However, it is also too easy to encounter wildlife on the road as well. A staggering number of individuals are either killed or injured annually in car accidents that involve collisions with animals. This deer season, it is critical that Montana motorists understand how to stay safe when encountering a deer in the road.

How motorists can remain safe around large vehicles

American roads are crowded with vehicles that are numerous shapes, sizes and weights. Most often, motorcycles, trucks, buses and cars travel alongside each other in relative harmony. However, when these vehicles collide, the consequences can be catastrophic. One of the more dangerous collision scenarios involves a small vehicle colliding with a much larger vehicle.

Study examines substance abuse rates among truck drivers

A newly released international study may substantially impact the way that the commercial trucking industry handles substance abuse among its workforce. The review, which was recently published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, is informed by data from 36 separate studies primarily conducted in large, developed nations like the United States and Australia. It indicates that the kinds of substance abuse that lead to a staggering number of truck accidents are more prevalent among certain populations of truck drivers.

Why self-directed cars will not be crowding roadways anytime soon

When individuals travel by airplane, train and boat, the captain or conductor of these vessels operates them. As a result, passengers are free to rest, read, visit and engage in behaviors unrelated to the operation of the vessel transporting them to their destination. Recent media attention paid to a BMW prototype and a Google self-driving vehicle have many Americans wondering if they will soon be able to “drive” their cars without operating them. Unfortunately, this technology is unlikely to affect many drivers anytime soon.

Study indicates that young men downplay texting risks

English author Samuel Butler once insisted that “The truest characters of ignorance are vanity and pride and arrogance.” When individuals are ignorant and arrogant with regards to a particular situation, little good is likely to come of it. Take for example, distracted driving. Individuals well-educated in the perils of distracted driving understand that it is a uniquely hazardous behavior and should be avoided.

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