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English author Samuel Butler once insisted that “The truest characters of ignorance are vanity and pride and arrogance.” When individuals are ignorant and arrogant with regards to a particular situation, little good is likely to come of it. Take for example, distracted driving. Individuals well-educated in the perils of distracted driving understand that it is a uniquely hazardous behavior and should be avoided.

In fact, distracted driving behaviors now cause more car accidents than any other behavioral choice does. It should be clear to all American adults by now that no one can afford to drive while distracted. However, a new study indicates that one segment of the population is either ignorant about the dangers or distracted driving, arrogant enough to think that they are uniquely immune from these dangers or are both ignorant and arrogant when it comes to this issue.

According to a study recently published in the International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management, college aged men are especially likely to downplay the hazards associated with distracted driving. The study’s authors have determined that these young men do so because they believe that they are uniquely skilled at distracted driving.

The study’s authors put it simply when they noted that, “While male respondents widely agree that texting while driving is dangerous they also believe that they are better at texting while driving than other drivers.” Well-educated drivers understand that distracted driving poses an unacceptable hazard no matter how skilled you believe yourself to be at the behavior. Hopefully these young men will learn this lesson soon and safely.

Source:, “Males downplay risk of texting and driving, study says,” Monte Morin, Oct. 11, 2013


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