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Kids have interesting palates. Though most like fairly bland foods such as macaroni and cheese, fish sticks and crackers, others crave super sour, sweet and spicy treats. It can be quite amusing to see kids’ reactions to certain fun, extreme foods that they enjoy. However, a few recent incidents indicate that certain extreme treats may actually be dangerous products when consumed by children.

According to Fox News, pediatricians have begun warning parents not to feed their children significantly spicy snack foods. One example of such snacks would be the popular Flamin’ Hot Cheetos brand. According to Medical Daily, significantly spicy snack foods are compelling parents to seek emergency medical care for numerous children annually. Kids can experience extreme abdominal pain when they eat spicy snacks and these foods inflame their stomach lining.

The problem is becoming so severe that numerous school districts have banned extremely spicy treats. One physician recently explained to a California news outlet that, “We have a population who loves to eat the hot, spicy, not-real foods, and they come in [to the emergency room] with these real complaints. [The kids are being] set up for ulcerations, erosions and… peptic ulcer disease.” In addition, some kids are experiencing gastritis as a result of these foods.

Please, be careful when allowing your children to eat any spicy snacks. They may seem harmless, but they can be truly dangerous products when eaten by sensitive kids or when eaten by any kids in certain amounts. Instead, get them hooked on other fun treats like string cheese and squeezable yogurt.

Source: Fox News, “Spicy snack foods sending children to the emergency room, experts claim,” Nov. 18, 2013


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