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July 2013 Archives

First Toyota acceleration lawsuit finally going to trial

A few years ago, the media spent considerable time and resources covering the Toyota sudden acceleration scandal. The idea that our nation’s vehicles could suddenly speed out of control without warning was a terrifying one and the public could not seem to get enough coverage of this story as a result. Although certain studies have indicated that Toyota models are not dangerous products per se, a number of class action and personal lawsuits have been filed to settle the question of whether or not certain vehicles were indeed dangerous and caused harm to a number of affected motorists.

Fatal motorcycle crash occurs in dangerous Montana intersection

Not long ago, a young man was riding his motorcycle through the streets of Billings. The Montana man's evening cruise ended tragically at the intersection of Sixth Street West and Grand Avenue. An SUV collided with the motorcycle, which caused the biker to sustain multiple injuries that would ultimately claim his life.

Could moving GPS navigation to windshield reduce accidents?

A car is not only a tool that takes people from point A to point B, but it can be a tool for enjoyment as well. Driving through a beautiful state such as Montana can be calming or even romantic for a couple in love. While many people enjoy driving a car, it is important to remember that it is also an extrememly powerful piece of machinery that requires the utmost attention of the driver. 

Choose a safe vehicle when shopping for your teen driver

Last week, we discussed the importance of recognizing and addressing the unique safety concerns faced by many elderly drivers. Another particularly vulnerable American driving population that faces unique safety issues on a regular basis is the teen driving population. These novice drivers are at greater risk of being involved in car accidents during their first few years of driving than at any other point in their driving careers.

CPSC report details dangers of defective fireworks

Fireworks are ubiquitous on the Fourth of July. However, these bright and festive bursts of sound, light and color are regularly used during major celebrations, concerts and festivals throughout the year. Perhaps because fireworks are so common in American life, individuals do not always treat them with the caution and respect that they deserve. When individuals are reckless with fireworks, severe injuries can result.

Promoting elderly driving safety in Montana

When a drunk, drowsy, distracted or enraged driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, society recognizes that this driver is a potential threat to the safety of other motorists. However, far more subtle driving behavior can also greatly impact the ability of other motorists to remain safe while on the road. When elderly drivers fail to recognize their limitations and adjust their driving behaviors accordingly, devastating car accidents may occur.

Billings motorcyclist blew through intersection causing crash

Last week, a serious car accident occurred in Billings. According to police, a motorcyclist sped through an intersect at St. Andrews Drive and Wicks Lane Thursday night. Unfortunately, a car was attempting to make a turn through the intersection at the same time. The two vehicles collided head-on.

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