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Last week, a serious car accident occurred in Billings. According to police, a motorcyclist sped through an intersect at St. Andrews Drive and Wicks Lane Thursday night. Unfortunately, a car was attempting to make a turn through the intersection at the same time. The two vehicles collided head-on.

The 35-year-old motorcyclist was severely injured in the incident, but reports say he is now in fair condition. While it is not clear if police will press charges, it does seem that they have placed the blame on the motorcyclist. There was no report of whether the other driver was injured.

Being involved in an accident like this is a frightening experience. It can turn your world upside down and leave you fighting for your life. Unfortunately, it also usually means huge costs for anyone who was injured. Between an ambulance ride, emergency room treatment, overnight stays in the hospital and rehabilitation, many car accident victims end up with thousands of dollars in medical bills — if not more. Fortunately, personal injury laws exist to help ensure that crash victims have a way to obtain compensation for injuries caused by someone else.

If you have been injured in an accident — even if you are not sure whose fault it was — it may be a good idea to work with a personal injury attorney. Filing a personal injury lawsuit can help a victim obtain compensation for medical bills and other expenses, but filing a lawsuit is not always easy. Having a professional on your side is a good way to ensure that you are taking the right steps and have the right evidence to build the strongest case possible.

Source: Billings Gazette, “Motorcyclist in head-one crash now in fair condition,” June 29, 2013


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