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December 2011 Archives

Careless Montana driver causes injuries

Imagine being in a vehicle, when the driver is distracted by something, either a cell phone or observing something out the side window, causing the car to verve off the road. The results can be devastating. One Montana girl was cited late last week for careless driving and not wearing a seatbelt when she lost control of her truck in Billings, crashing it into a power pole and fence.

Increasing truck accidents in Montana, many due to speed

No stop lights, no large metropolitan areas to bypass, unobstructed views of the horizon and few cops in sight. That's a truck driver's dream and Montana makes that dream a reality. Many commercial truck drivers are paid by the mile, so their pay will be the same for a trip no matter if they take five hours to deliver the goods or 10 hours. That alone is motivation to disobey the speed limit.

LaMotte teen crashes into school, cited for careless driving

Winter weather brought with it a Gallatin County car accident on a recent morning that could have been catastrophic. While it appears the incident was perhaps a combination of icy conditions and an inexperienced driver, thankfully no one was seriously injured.

Montana drunk driver puts other drivers' safety at risk

A Montana woman is facing drunk driving charges after she injured another driver in a head-on collision. The crash is another reminder of the dangers of drunk driving, and that people will eventually be held accountable for their reckless actions.

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