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Montana residents may have heard the news that a Martinsville, Indiana, man who suffered a hunting accident may now face charges due to his choice of firearm.

The 54-year-old man suffered severe leg injuries when he fell more than six feet from his tree stand near Paragon, Indiana, while hunting on Thanksgiving Day. Officers learned during their investigation of the accident that the man had been using a Remington 700 rifle, which is illegal for hunting deer in Indiana, according to a recent news story.

It appears that the rifle is illegal for such use in Indiana due to the state’s specific hunting equipment regulations, not because of the known defect in this particular gun’s trigger and safety system.

But, this news story reminds us that millions of these dangerous guns are still out there in use. Although the Remington company has knowledge of a defect in the in the Remington Model 700 Series Bolt Action Rifle – and is aware of many reported injuries and deaths – it has repeatedly refused to recall the guns.

According to internal company documents, these rifles were manufactured and sold with a defective safety and trigger system. Millions have been sold by Remington as different models since 1948.

The defect relates to the gun’s unique trigger and safety system, known as the “Walker” fire control. Due to its design, the rifle may discharge without a trigger pull. This typically happens when the safety is released, or when the bolt is opened or closed.

There is currently a class action lawsuit filed against Remington to require that this company correct these defective rifles.

Source: NewsTalk 1010 WCSI, “Injured Hunter Facing Charges,” Nov. 30, 2011


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