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After the accident: Things to consider before accepting a settlement offer

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Injuries suffered in a car accident can lead to costly medical care and other expenses, and it is not uncommon for crash victims to become overwhelmed by financial burdens.

It is important, then, to be aware of your options for holding the other driver and any other liable parties accountable for the accident’s financial impact on you.

As you may know, a lawsuit can take a lot of time to move through the court system. Other options include negotiating with the insurance company for the maximum in available compensation. If an appropriate settlement cannot be reached outside of court, an experienced attorney can fight to protect your rights and interests by litigating your case.

Think about the current expenses.

One of the things that you need to think about is a monetary amount for the settlement. With your attorney’s help, you can add up your medical bills, care costs and any other expenses related to the accident. You should also add in what your insurance company has already covered just in case the company comes back to you to recoup that money in the event that a lawsuit is resolved in your favor.

Again, your attorney can represent you in all of these matters, including any communications with the insurance company.

Don’t forget that the settlement should also cover any future expenses.

The medical bills you have already paid may not be the end of the expenses resulting from the accident. You should also think about the costs you may incur in the future. This includes any accident-related medical care that you will need later, as well as loss of earning capacity and future lost wages.

Don’t accept the insurance company’s initial settlement offer.

Though it may be tempting, you do not have to accept the insurance company’s initial offer. In fact, the initial offer is rarely enough to cover the full cost of the injury. Insurance companies are prepared to pay more, and an experienced personal injury attorney can negotiate for the best possible outcome for you.


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