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Does Health Insurance Cover Injuries From A Car Accident?

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may have concerns about your ability to pay your medical bills. And you may have questions about insurance coverage after an accident — depending on who was at fault.

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What Does Insurance Cover?

There are multiple factors that can affect what type of insurance applies after a car accident:

  • What are all policy deductibles (health insurance, auto insurance, etc.)?
  • Who or what caused the accident?
  • Did another driver’s inattentiveness or negligence caused the accident?
  • What kind of insurance coverage do all drivers involved have?

After an auto accident occurs, the individual who is injured often will use his or her own insurance — whether health or auto — to pay all bills until the deductible is met. The victim may also be responsible for paying any co-pays and other expenses not covered by insurance.

Typically, auto insurance covers medical and other bills that are the result of a car accident. Beyond a certain point, health insurance may kick in. However, if another driver is at-fault, the process is different.

Victims of negligent accidents: If another driver’s negligence caused your accident and injuries, our lawyers can help you seek maximum compensation for all costs associated with your accident. This may include money to cover medical bills, hospitalization, lost wages, pain and suffering, and much more.

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