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October 2014 Archives

Truck accidents, personal injuries and your case in Montana

Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous accidents that can take place, especially in Montana where the roads can be steep or difficult to maneuver in some locations. Trucks are extremely heavy, outweighing all vehicles on the roads. It's no surprise that a passenger vehicle can be literally destroyed by being hit by a tanker or semi-truck. In fact, if you're hit by one, you're more likely to be killed or seriously wounded than if struck by another passenger vehicle.

Montana teen driving high on meth during fatal car accident

Montana drivers sometimes forget the responsibilities they have for the safety of passengers and other motorists. Every driver has a legal obligation to abide by traffic laws and maintain safe driving practices. Criminal misconduct, negligence and reckless behavior break this duty of care pact with others.

Your right to compensation for defective product use in Montana

Have you been hurt by a defective product? If so, it's likely that you can seek compensation for your injuries. Consider this: When you purchase a tool, product or have a medical device implanted inside you, you expect that it's in working order and won't cause you harm. Unfortunately, that's not always the case, and that can mean a trip to the hospital.

How common is a motorcycle accident?

A motorcycle accident, regardless of whether it occurs in Montana or another part of the country, can lead to serious injury or death. Most motorcyclists realize they are taking a risk every time they jump on their bike. Even then, the majority believes they will never be involved in an accident.

Manufacturer liability for defective guns

Gun manufacturers are bound by laws to sell products that are safe to use. That may seem paradoxical, since the intended use of a weapon is often to injure or kill. Guns can be used for dangerous purposes, but Montana consumers still depend on firearms makers to manufacture weapons without harmful defects.

Wrongful deaths and defective products: Your rights

Have you lost a loved one to a dangerous or defective firearm? Maybe you lost them to a defective product of another type. No matter what it was, you trusted that the tools and appliances you bought would be safe, and they weren't. That's a major cause for concern.

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