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Month: October 2014

When you purchase a vehicle, regardless of where you live, you hope that it will be safe at all times. This has nothing to do with the potential to be involved in an accident, and everything to do with the way the vehicle itself operates. Every year, automakers issue...

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Have you been hurt by a defective product? If so, it's likely that you can seek compensation for your injuries. Consider this: When you purchase a tool, product or have a medical device implanted inside you, you expect that it's in working order and won't cause you...

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A motorcycle accident, regardless of whether it occurs in Montana or another part of the country, can lead to serious injury or death. Most motorcyclists realize they are taking a risk every time they jump on their bike. Even then, the majority believes they will...

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Gun manufacturers are bound by laws to sell products that are safe to use. That may seem paradoxical, since the intended use of a weapon is often to injure or kill. Guns can be used for dangerous purposes, but Montana consumers still depend on firearms makers to...

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