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July 2014 Archives

2 suffer minor injuries in roll-over crash in Montana

Two people recently suffered injuries in an accident that took place in Montana. The two involved in the car accident had to be hospitalized, which might be similar to what happened to you following your car crash. In your case, speaking with someone about your legal rights may help you seek the compensation you need to pay for medical bills and ongoing care for your injuries.

Wal-Mart sued by injured comedian over driver fatigue crash

Violent motor vehicle crashes occur every day across the country although, understandably, collisions with the greatest meaning are ones that happen closest to Gallatin County. The sheer volume of daily accidents makes it difficult for any one person to analyze them. However, state and federal transportation agencies count crashes, injuries and deaths and examine the reasons for traffic accidents to develop laws to make roads safer.

Proposed settlement reached in Remington dangerous products suit

Some Montana consumer product injuries occur when a user fails to follow instructions or heed label warnings. All consumers are at risk when a manufacturer makes a defective product. In some cases, profit-minded manufacturers know about and hide product flaws, but do nothing to correct the defect or safeguard the public until consumers take legal action.

Montana 18-year-old faces homicide charge for DUI crash

More than one in 10 traffic crashes in Montana were linked to alcohol use in 2011, according to state records. Drivers under the legal drinking age were involved in over 300 of those accidents and seven related deaths. Careless and reckless drivers of all ages make poor decisions and take risks reasonable drivers don’t, like drugged or drunk driving.

Fund to pay Montana claims for General Motors product defect

It seems like not a week goes by without another story in a Montana paper reporting a General Motors recall. A July headline in TIME said the number of vehicles the car manufacturer recalled so far in 2014 "would wrap the earth four times." General Motors has recalled more than 28 million vehicles worldwide in just six months.

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