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May 2014 Archives

Montana car accidents up from 2012, but alcohol crashes fell

It seems that car accident fatalities are rising in Montana, at least according to the latest annual highway report released by the Montana Highway Patrol. In what could be categorized as good news, it appears that car accident fatalities involving alcohol have been reduced.

Montana ski resort blames teen's tree well fatality on nature

Spring and summer in Montana are beautiful, but there are people who live for the winter months because of the great skiing available here. Many recreational activities involve risk, and skiing contains perhaps more risks than most other sports. However, resorts are expected to make the skiing experience as safe as possible.

Hyundai will appeal verdict in Montana-based fatality case

Losing a loved one in a car accident can be heart breaking, but going on to see that the company that may be at fault doesn't want to take responsibility can be worse. In this case, Hyundai has allegedly said it will appeal a verdict against it in a Montana-based fatality case. According to the May 14 news, there was a manufacturing defect in a Hyundai Tiburon that led to a fatal crash; that crash killed two Missoula cousins in July 2011.

Montana father praises Remington for recalling defective guns

Guns and firearm safety remains a big topic in politics and in the media, but often it isn't until gun safety affects the lives of ordinary citizens that many people pay closer attention. When a firearm turns out to be defective and causes serious injury or death, the subject attracts even more scrutiny. This is the case with Remington, a well-known company known for manufacturing a wide assortment of firearms.

2 dads give emotional testimony in fatal defective products case

The fathers of two teenagers who died in a tragic motor vehicle crash recently gave an emotional testimony in a Montana courtroom. According to parents of the teens, the automaker Hyundai is responsible for the death of their children because of the defective products the company manufactured. The two teenagers, who were cousins, died along with one other person in the 2011 car crash.

Parents of slain trainer file wrongful death suit

Working with wild animals, even those that are raised in captivity, is a dangerous endeavor. The most well-trained animal handlers can be injured or killed by the animals they work with. Organizations that work with these animals should do everything possible to ensure the safety of both the workers and the animals. Sadly, for the family of a trainer in Montana, it has become necessary to challenge the operating procedures of a business that provides wild animals for the entertainment industry.

Man suffers serious injury when exercise ball explodes

A South Dakota man who suffered permanent injuries after an exercise ball exploded is asking for an unspecified amount of money in a negligence lawsuit against the product's manufacturer. The lawsuit is similar to one filed by a National Basketball Association player who also suffered injuries from an exploding stability ball less than two years ago. The NBA lawsuit reached a settlement before going to trial.

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