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The fathers of two teenagers who died in a tragic motor vehicle crash recently gave an emotional testimony in a Montana courtroom. According to parents of the teens, the automaker Hyundai is responsible for the death of their children because of the defective products the company manufactured. The two teenagers, who were cousins, died along with one other person in the 2011 car crash.

According to the plaintiffs in this case, a defective steering wheel is to blame for the crash. During the hearing on a recent Wednesday, one witness stated that she experienced similar problems in her automobile. Nevertheless, the defendant continues to argue that it was distracted driving which led to the incident.

The testimony given by the fathers of the two teens left its mark on the courtroom. One father said that his entire purpose and mission in life was for his kids. He said that after losing his son, his life purpose has been stripped away from him. The same father said that he will never be able to forget the night he received the phone call from the police.

As the trial in this case continues to move forward, the court will examine evidence of prior complaints to Hyundai with regard to similar steering wheel defects. As with many defective products cases that involve automobiles and fatalities, police reports, eyewitness testimony and expert analysis of information pertaining to prior similar complaints will all come into play. If successfully navigated, the family members of the boys who died may be able to obtain financial restitution for their loss; however, no amount of compensation will ever come close to righting this most unfortunate wrong.

Source: NBC Montana, “Fathers of teens killed in crash testify during automaker suit” Paige Sedgewick, Apr. 30, 2014


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