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January 2014 Archives

FMCSA publishes final rule regarding noncompliant carriers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is primarily tasked with preventing commercial vehicle accidents, injuries and fatalities. In order to accomplish this mission, the FMCSA has been granted the authority to regulate commercial trucking operations in a myriad of ways. For example, in order to prevent trucking accidents the FMCSA regulates the number of hours that drivers can spend behind the wheel during the course of a week.

Products recalled long-ago are still dangerous

When a dangerous or defective product is recalled at any point in time, the product should be returned, disposed of or handled in other manners dictated by recall notices in regards to that product. If dangerous or defective products remain on store shelves, in homes, businesses and other public spaces they will continue to pose a risk of harm until they are removed and properly handled.

NHTSA aiming to reduce auto accident rate through innovation

When it comes to auto safety, necessity may indeed be the mother of invention. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the federal agency most directly tasked with ensuring that non-commercial motorists remain safe on American roads. In order to keep drivers safe, the agency regulates certain aspects of auto manufacturing, launches educational campaigns and networks with safety-focused organizations. All of these approaches have positive results some of the time. However, the agency is increasingly relying on another approach to reduce the rate of car accidents in the U.S.

Safe choices can help you avoid accidents in winter weather

The polar vortex phenomenon has left many Americans eager for spring to arrive. Unfortunately, a few months of winter remain. It is therefore important for all motorists to refresh their knowledge on how to safely travel over ice and snow. On one day earlier this month, all 50 states experienced freezing temperatures. Therefore, even residents of warmer climates should study up on how to avoid car accidents related to cold weather conditions.

Are you safer on the slopes with a ski helmet on?

Many Montana residents love to engage in outdoor recreational activities in the winter as well as in the summer. Popular wintertime activities among Montana residents include skiing, snowboarding and ski tubing. While hitting the slopes, individuals are encouraged by a myriad of organizations to wear proper headgear. The logic behind this recommendation is that if you get into an accident while on the slopes, you will be less likely to sustain minor and major head trauma if you are wearing a helmet.

Dangerous products: Table, chairs could lead to Montana injuries

When a Montana resident purchases a product, they make that purchase with the hope that it will function properly. In some cases, products may be defective or not work as well as hoped and are considered nothing more than an inconvenience or disappointment. However, some defects could lead to certain items becoming dangerous products if the problem results in consumers suffering serious injuries due to use of the products.

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