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When a dangerous or defective product is recalled at any point in time, the product should be returned, disposed of or handled in other manners dictated by recall notices in regards to that product. If dangerous or defective products remain on store shelves, in homes, businesses and other public spaces they will continue to pose a risk of harm until they are removed and properly handled.

Unfortunately, not all recalled products are disposed of or otherwise properly addressed. Consumers, business owners, resale outlets and others may not hear about a given recall or may choose to ignore it. As a result, numerous products that have been identified as dangerous or potentially dangerous remain in homes, schools, businesses and public spaces all over the nation.

This is why it is crucial for you to check infant, child, beauty, medicinal, auto, holiday decorations, tools and other categories of products at high risk for recall on a fairly regular basis. Holiday decorations can be checked against government recall websites yearly, while medicines, baby products and child furnishings should probably be checked more often. Not all products you own must be checked. But children’s products, light or fire-based products, medicines, vehicles and other high-risk products should be checked regularly.

However often you choose to check various suspect products in your home or business against government recall websites is up to you. Understand though that the longer you wait to reinvestigate the safety of high risk products, the more likely you or someone you care about will be exposed to otherwise preventable dangers.

Source: NBC News, “Child deaths are tragic reminder that products pose risk long after recall,” Lisa A. Flam, Jan. 16, 2014


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