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Lead Attorney In National Class-Action Firearm Litigation

As an avid hunter, founding attorney Richard Ramler has a personal interest in protecting people who use firearms. Attorney Ramler is currently a lead attorney in national class-action firearm litigation to force Remington Arms Company, Inc., and Sporting Goods Properties, Inc., to fix more than 5 million dangerous and defective Remington 700 series bolt-action rifles.

At the Ramler Law Office, we are dedicated to making firearm manufacturers accept responsibility when people are severely injured or killed by their faulty products. If you have been injured or have lost someone close to you due to a malfunctioning gun or rifle, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at 406-924-4810.

The Fatally Flawed Remington Model 700

The Ramler Law Office represented the family of a 9-year-old boy, Gus Barber, killed in a fatal accident by a defective Remington Model 700 bolt-action rifle. The gun has a design defect involving the safety and trigger system, which can cause the rifle to fire without the trigger being pulled.

As a result of our lawsuit and the family’s perseverance, Remington announced a safety modification program for all of its bolt-action rifles made before 1982. The recall affected the following Remington models: 700, 721, 722, 40X and 600 — more than 2.5 million rifles.

There are tens of thousands of dangerous rifles still in the hands of hunters throughout the country. Innocent people are injured or killed every year by defective and dangerous firearms, including Remington 700 series bolt-action rifles. Ramler Law Office, P.C., is in the forefront of the fight to protect innocent victims from the devastating results of defective and dangerous firearms.

Representing The Victims Of Defective Firearms

Though many of these cases have been settled confidentially for years, people continue to get hurt and killed. If you believe someone close to you was injured by a defective gun, call 406-924-4810 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. We represent clients in Bozeman and throughout the state of Montana.

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