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More than two dozen injured when patio collapses at golf club

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | Personal Injury |

In Montana, stories about accidents with injuries and loss of life will often cause people to immediately think about auto crashes and work injuries. However, people can be hurt in many other unfortunate incidents. Some happen when they encounter a dangerous situation in the street, when walking on someone else’s property or at an event.

People, municipalities and owners are responsible for safety and upkeep of their property. This is especially true in commercial situations. When there is an accident and people are hurt, they could face the same litany of problems that come about after more common types of accidents. With that, they also have the same rights to consider their options to recover compensation from responsible parties for what they have lost personally, physically and financially.

Country club patio deck collapses, injuring more than 30 people

An event at a country club was the site of an accident that injured over 30 people. The location is a private golf club that also hosts a variety of events like weddings and parties. There is a restaurant that is frequently used for these gatherings.

According to the investigation, people were on a patio deck when it collapsed. While there were no fatalities, 25 people were taken to hospitals for treatment. Some reported broken bones, head injuries and various wounds. Eight others received treatment at the scene. Some who might have been injured walked away without getting any form of treatment. It is not yet known what led to the collapse.

People need to know about premises liability

An accident on someone else’s property should be treated just as seriously as any other accident. Whether it was because the owner of the property did not ensure that the proper repairs and maintenance were done; there were items that should not have been there; or there was some flaw in the construction that led to an accident, there are responsible parties.

In this accident, a patio collapsed while people were trying to celebrate at an event. The circumstances need to be investigated to determine how and why it occurred. Those who were hurt and have an unknown future could have major medical expenses, lost income and other challenges to overcome. Knowing their rights under premises liability can be essential to recovering for all that was lost.



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