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Montana “Move Over Law” expanded to prevent road worker crashes

On Behalf of | May 16, 2023 | Car Accidents |

In Montana, auto accidents can impact anyone and leave them catastrophically injured with an uncertain future. Some, however, are at greater risk than others. People who not only use the roads to travel back and forth but also work on the roads are in great jeopardy of being hurt in a crash.

To try and avoid crashes involving roadside workers, there is a “move-over law” in place. It requires drivers who encounter an emergency vehicle with flashing lights on the road to change lanes. If they cannot, they are expected to reduce their speed. That, however, left some road workers vulnerable. The law was recently expanded to include more workers.

Despite the positive objective, crashes are frequently caused by drivers who simply flout the law. With that, there are likely to be collisions with injuries and death. Having assistance with deciding what to do after an accident may be essential.

Roadside workers are now added to the “move-over law”

In the past, the move-over law applied to emergency vehicles, tow trucks and law enforcement officers’ vehicles. Now, with Gov. Greg Gianforte signing the bill into law on a day that coincided with National Lineman Appreciation Day, highway utility and maintenance workers are added and protected.

Workers who will now be shielded by this law expressed their gratitude while discussing the dangers they face as they go about their duties. Vehicles driving by at excessive speeds and the potential for an accident is significant.

Line workers who are stationed well above street level could be hit and fall with the accompanying injuries and potential to lose their lives. Along with speeding, drivers are increasingly distracted and some are under the influence. This puts all the pieces in place for there to be an accident.

Having help after a crash can make a major difference for the future

Whether a motor vehicle accident involves multiple autos, motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians or people who happened to be working on the road, there can be long-term ramifications.

The injured person and their family will face the financial reality of medical costs and lost wages; they will need to consider how they will care for their loved one; if there is a fatality there is an emotional component added to the mix. To gather evidence, determine the cause and move forward, it is wise to have advice from qualified professionals.



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