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Are there still defective Remington rifles?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2022 | Firearm Injuries |

Gun aficionados have likely heard about reports of defective Remington rifles. A class-action lawsuit and settlement resulted, but gun owners are claiming Remington still has not corrected the malfunction. And, other owners still do not know about the defects.

Which rifles have issues?

Surprisingly, the iconic Model 700 rifle is one of more than a dozen models that reportedly has design defects. Horrifyingly, the gun can fire without anyone pulling the trigger. Of course, Remington disputes this, but it agreed to replace the trigger assembly for anyone who owns the Model 700 or a gun with the same trigger assembly.

Known since 2010

Since at least 2010, the public has known about these defect allegations, thanks to CNBC reports. The news agency found that dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries were linked to Remington accidental discharges. In 2014, Remington agreed to replace the firing mechanisms, and the company issued a recall for those guns that did not have this updated trigger assembly.

Remington admissions

To date, Remington claims its guns are safe, but the company has admitted to “excessive bonding agent[s]” that could cause misfires. It claims it only settled the litigation in order to avoid the uncertainties and expense of protracted litigation.

Not widely known

Unfortunately, it does not appear that Remington owners know about these defects. In February of 2017, the date of the last report, the federal court said only 22,000 claims were filed, but, at that time, there were 7.5 million guns in circulation with dangerous firing mechanisms.

Options for owners

If our readers own a Remington, they should have a gun dealer examine it to see if has the old, defective trigger assembly, or the new XMark Pro. If the defective trigger assembly is found ask them about replacing it through Remington. If Remington refuses to honor their free replacement, or if you have been injured by an unintentional firing by the rifle, you may need to contact an attorney.


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