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What is it that makes commercial trucks so dangerous?

by | Sep 8, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

Many people will see at least a handful of commercial trucks during their daily commute to and from work in the Belgrade area. These trucks are hauling anything from livestock to dairy to gasoline to retail products to other hazards. Getting into an accident with one of these trucks can be devastating. So, what is it that makes commercial trucks so dangerous?

The most obvious of reasons why commercial trucks are so dangerous is their sheer size. These trucks weigh roughly 2 tons, sometimes more, depending on their load, and are very tall. These two factors, height and weight, make for a bad combination when a truck is barreling at highway speed and cannot stop in time before hitting another vehicle.

Another reason these trucks are so dangerous is the inexperience of the driver. Not all truck drivers have more than 20 years on the job and know how to handle even the most dangerous situations on the roads. Inexperienced truck drivers might speed, take curves too fast, fail to log their hours in the book and even forget to take breaks when required.

Large trucks are dangerous because of the loads they haul. A tanker full of gasoline can burst into flames if involved in an accident. A tanker full of hazardous waste or other chemicals can hurt the environment if it spills during a crash.

As you can see, there is a litany of things that make commercial trucks as dangerous as they are. You don’t want to let your guard down when near one on the roads of Montana as it could wind up leading to a tragic accident.


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