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Safe driving tips for an early morning commute

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Do you like to leave super early for work each day in an effort to avoid the congestion in Belgrade, Montana? Traffic is never fun to get stuck in, which is why so many people leave before the sun comes up in order to avoid sitting in stop-and-go traffic. Another benefit of leaving so early is that you likely getting to head home in the afternoon, before the evening rush occurs. Here are some early-morning safe driving tips to follow.

If you decide to leave super early in the morning for work, you need to make sure you are not driving drowsy. Get a shower, have a cup of coffee, watch the news and maybe even exercise after you get up to truly wake up your body. This will help ensure that you are not driving drowsy.

Be wary of deer and other animals that tend to be out and about in the wee hours of the morning. If there are no other vehicles around you, make sure you turn on your high-beams so you can see the eyes of deer and other animals.

If the weather is inclement, make sure you drive accordingly. Take your time in snow, ice and heavy rain. Just because you leave early doesn’t mean you need to let your guard down when driving in bad weather.

Get rid of the distractions when driving. Don’t use your mobile phone or tablet. Try not to play with the radio or a GPS device. Don’t drink your coffee or eat breakfast when behind the wheel either.

Driving to work before the sun comes up has its advantages, but it can be very dangerous, especially if you aren’t completely awake yet. Follow these tips so you don’t find yourself in an accident in Montana.


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