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What was the Remington settlement offer?

by | Sep 15, 2017 | Firearm Injuries |

Remington has been embattled in a lawsuit accusing the company of producing guns that could allegedly fire on their own, even if no one pulled the trigger. Moreover, it’s been alleged that they knew this problem existed and actively worked to cover it up.

It’s important to note that Remington has said that they didn’t cover anything up and that their rifles, including the Model 700, are not inherently dangerous. Instead, the company says that mistakes made by users have caused the guns to fire inadvertently.

Even so, Remington offered to settle. That settlement has been contested, and the case drags on. If you have a Model 700, though, you may be wondering what the offer was.

Essentially, Remington tried to put an end to the case by saying that they’d take the rifles back, outfit them with new triggers and return them to the owners. That way, the owners didn’t have to worry about defective triggers and people could move past the issue.

Naturally, since Remington claims the guns are safe, the company doesn’t anticipate any future issues one way or the other. Nonetheless, the replacement triggers would put an end to the discussion.

If the settlement is eventually accepted, millions of rifles would be eligible for the program. Moreover, the company would make the adjustments without charging the owners a cent.

This may be far from over, as both sides keep going back and forth, and there are opposing coalitions from states spanning the country. However, it will be very important for gun owners to keep an eye on the proceedings to see if the settlement is accepted or if it is rejected and another solution is sought.

Source: CNBC, “Red states take on blue states in Remington rifle settlement,” Scott Cohn, Sep. 06, 2017


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