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January 2015 Archives

All-terrain vehicle conflict in Montana defective product suits

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is the federal agency responsible for all-terrain vehicle safety. In Montana, the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks regulates ATV laws. Some critics, including the Consumer Federation of America, believe states should forbid the use of ATVs on public roads.

Your right to compensation after a truck accident in Montana

Imagine driving down the street, minding your own business. Suddenly, you're struck by a commercial vehicle that has lost control, left its lane or tipped over. In that moment, you're injured, and now you have to deal with the consequences of another person's actions.

Can loss of consortium be claimed in wrongful death cases?

Damages sought in Montana liability claims differ, according to the circumstances surrounding an injury or death. The majority of compensation in a personal injury claim is awarded for losses suffered by an accident victim. In wrongful death cases, a lawsuit's focus is upon hardships experienced by survivors caused by a family member's death.

Recoup your costs after defective products cause serious injuries

Defective products come in all shapes and sizes. Imagine driving your car and having a wheel shaft break due to manufacturer defects. Maybe your tires blow out because the air pressure markings aren't correct, resulting in you overfilling them. Your child could be playing with a toy that breaks into sharp pieces, or you could be electrocuted by a power tool that isn't working properly. Those are just a few examples of how defects can affect you in dramatic ways.

Taking risks with Gallatin County’s coldest killer

Ice added to a drink can be refreshing but coatings of ice, slicked over Montana roads, can be deadly. Even Gallatin County's most experienced drivers lose control on icy highways and back roads. All the auto safety gadgets in the world aren't enough to save you from a slide, a spin or an auto accident.

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