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As a motorcyclist, you deserve to know how dangerous or safe riding your vehicle is in Montana. There are a number of statistics that have been updated since October 2014, which makes it easier to see how the United States is doing in terms of better safety for motorcyclists. Unfortunately, not many of the statistics show a positive change in the country.

For instance, the document, which follows motorcyclists up until 2012, shows that there are around 8.5 million motorcyclists on the road according to 2012 reports. Injuries had risen in 2012, with 93,000 people getting injured on motorcycles, which is 12,000 more than in 2011. As a motorcyclist, data shows that you’re 26 times more likely than passenger car occupants to be killed in a crash. In addition, you’re five times more likely to suffer from injuries.

In 2012, motorcycle fatalities were up to 7.1 percent. That was 4,957 people who died, as opposed to 4,630 in 2010. The Governors Highway Safety Association has said that despite the fact that it was projected that there would be a 7 percent decrease in motorcyclist fatalities by 2013, motorcyclist safety hasn’t actually improved in over 15 years. Interestingly, in Montana, you are not required to wear a helmet while riding unless you’re 17 years of age or under.

If you’ve been in a motorcycle crash, you’re certainly not alone. Many people go through similar situations, and you deserve all the support you need to heal and get the compensation you want. With help from someone familiar with motorcycle laws in Montana, you can prepare a solid case for compensation.

Source: Insurance Information Institute, “Motorcycle Crashes” Dec. 11, 2014


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