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June 2014 Archives

Sudden drop in alcohol-related fatalities in Montana crashes

In Montana, the number of alcohol-related crash fatalities has dropped, which is good news if you're driving in the state. If you have been in a car accident with a drunk driver, you likely know that the consequences can be severe. This report of the lower number of fatalities in crashes related to alcohol may serve as a symbol of the way increased laws and changes in law enforcement have helped.

Worker dies in Montana machinery accident at grain mill

The sudden death of a loved one shakes a family's foundation. We often think of the emotional loss spouses, children or parents feel at a time like this, but the toll can be financial, too. Some Gallatin County families are unprepared for the expenses that follow a tragedy, like funeral and burial costs or medical bills, which wrongful death lawsuits may help them address.

Passengers are dangerous distractions for Montana teen drivers

Once school is out, Gallatin County teens with drivers' licenses change where and when they go places. The trip to school is replaced by a day out with friends, sometimes along unfamiliar roads. The season is a time of freedom and danger for teens, because a significant number become victims of summertime fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Man charged with DUI in Montana tries to change plea

If you've been involved in a car crash in Montana, it's likely that you expected the person who caused it to step up and take responsibility. In this story, a man was doing just that; however, now he's trying to withdraw his plea in the DUI fatality case in which he's involved. The May 28 story reports that the has been unable to do so.

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