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March 2014 Archives

Texting while driving causing car accidents among Montana teens

Did you know that Montana is one of only four states that has not implemented regulations against texting while driving? Official reports show that the vast majority of American drivers may face criminal penalties for using their phones behind the wheel, but that simply is not true in this state. As the laws continue to evolve throughout the nation, more attention is being drawn to car accidents that are caused by distracted drivers, many of which are teenagers.

Montana man gets ten years after police chase

Last year, a man in Montana led police on a massive chase that put many people in danger. During the course of the chase, he managed to steal three different vehicles, evading officers as he did so. One of the vehicles was stolen out of a garage, and he did not open the door to that garage, but simply slammed through it and took off with the car. The police chased him through four towns in Montana, sometimes going over 100 miles per hour. In the end, he surrendered to the officers, giving himself up in Madison County.

Family files wrongful death suit against West Coast city

When catastrophe strikes families resulting in the loss of a loved one, nothing can truly ease their pain. In most cases, seeking restitution is the farthest thing from anyone's mind, but by law, surviving family members are often entitled to compensation if the death occurred due to negligence or careless actions. A recent case in which Irvine, California, allegedly facilitated the death of a 90 year-old man due to negligence illustrates why it's often a good idea to seek the advice of a skilled wrongful death attorney to pursue a claim against an individual or entity who caused harm.

Montana residents get $5.9 million in dangerous products case

The state of Montana has reached a multi-million dollar settlement against a pharmaceutical company accused of employing illegal marketing tactics to entice consumers into purchasing Risperdal. That medication is an anti-psychotic drug that is used as a remedy for various psychological disorders. However, it is not nearly as safe as portrayed in ads; this dangerous product had the potential to cause serious adverse side effects. The state of Montana has received $5.9 million in connection with a lawsuit against the company.

New study released on truck driver fatigue

A few months ago, we asked our readers the question, “Are new driving limits making truckers more tired?” This blog post on truck accidents specifically discussed a survey conducted by the American Transportation Research Institute which examines how truck drivers are perceiving their levels of personal fatigue in the wake of new Hours of Service (HOS) amendments recently enacted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Parents, be careful with infant sleep machines at high volumes

Nearly all new parents understand what it feels like when their babies simply will not go to sleep. The whole household tends to become sleep deprived when tiny babies cannot find a way to settle down. A number of products and devices have been created in order to help new parents get their children to sleep. Among the most widely used are sound machines that mimic a variety of noises which may include a mother’s heartbeat, ocean waves, rain and other forms of white noise.

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