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Two semi-trucks collided on I-90 September 15th at mile marker 96 in Montana. One of the vehicles then became engulfed in flames and resulted in the closing of both sides of the interstate roadway. It was extremely fortunate that no one was injured or killed as the result of this truck accident.

Apparently the driver of the first semi had attempted to pull over to the side of the interstate. However, the second semi-truck was unable to successfully change lanes prior to colliding with the first truck. The second truck subsequently jack-knifed and then struck a guard-rail prior to going up in flames. There was no information reported as to why the truck caught on fire.

Investigation will likely be ongoing to discover how this truck accident came about. There could be any number of reasons for why this crash occurred.

Personal injury attorneys will often hold others beside the driver accountable when a truck accident occurs. This can include the manufacturer of the truck concerning design flaws or the owner of the truck for failing to inspect the truck for defects.

Big-rig trucks often experience mechanical breakdowns when being driven on our highways. These vehicles are often pulling large loads and driven for hundreds of miles from one destination to another. Though this often results in engine breakdown, another problem concerns the brakes of these trucks. It is very difficult to bring these types of vehicles to a quick stop under any circumstances, and the brakes often do not hold up after prolonged use.

Most importantly, these sorts of vehicles are difficult to maneuver – especially in circumstances where emergencies arise. It is often impossible for a truck to safely negotiate turns or change lanes without an accident occurring.


Source: KPAX, “Semis collide, catch fire on I-90 near Missoula,” Sep. 16, 2013


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