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We have previously written about the dangers of distracted driving. At present, distracted driving is the number one cause of preventable auto accidents. However, it is not the only danger plaguing drivers and not the only hazard inspiring technological innovations to keep motorists safer. A number of new safety advances are available to consumers and may soon lead to a reduction in motor vehicle accidents nationwide.

One newly available safety feature that can help prevent both distraction-related and drowsy driving accidents is lane-departure warning systems. These mechanisms help to alert drivers when they are veering outside their designated lanes without activating their turn signals. While most systems give drivers a visual warning and allow them to steer their vehicle back themselves, some systems will actually force a vehicle back into a driver’s designated lane.

Night vision capabilities are also now available in some models. This safety feature uses infrared radiation and thermal imaging to spot debris and other obstacles on the road at night. Images of roadway hazards are then projected onto screens in the driver’s line of sight so that the motorist is made aware of them.

In addition, drivers can also benefit from increased awareness of activity in their blind spots, thanks to new detection mechanisms. This safety feature can help motorists to pass and merge with traffic more safely and to avoid hitting pedestrians who may have unknowingly entered a motorist’s blind spot.

Not all accidents can be prevented, but the majority of them can be. Responsible driving paired with the latest safety features can help motorists in Montana and all over the U.S. remain as safe as possible.

Source: NY Daily News, “On the road: 7 car safety features you never you knew you needed,” Jeffrey Jablansky, Aug. 5, 2013


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