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May 2013 Archives

Abscess problems plague compounded steroid meds

Medical and pharmaceutical products are tested extensively before they are launched onto the market, but when pharmacies and physicians misuse the drugs, they can lead to serious products liability issues. That is just what happened in the case of one Tennessee pharmacy, which has been placed on probation in connection with compounded steroid injections that allegedly caused abscesses. It is not clear whether any Montana residents were affected by the 11-state product recall.

Lower BAC limits on the horizon

In a story that has been sweeping the nation, an increasing number of federal and state officials are committed to lowering drunk driving car accident risks by also lowering the legal blood-alcohol limit for Montana drivers. National Transportation Safety Board recommendations released earlier this month state the current limit of 0.08 percent should be dropped to 0.05 percent in order to save lives and decrease injury throughout the nation. The recommendations come on the anniversary of one of the worst drunk driving crashes in history, when an intoxicated driver killed 24 children and three adults after striking a bus in Kentucky.

Montana Tech student pleads guilty to fatal crash charges

A 22-year-old Montana Tech student has pleaded guilty to charges associated with a car accident that killed one passenger and seriously injured two others on May 3, 2012. The young man pleaded guilty to three counts of negligent vehicular assault, along with a single count of DUI.

Elderly man dies after being tased, family sues

Relatives of the elderly man who died in June 2012 after being tased by police are seeking financial compensation through a wrongful death suit. The Alzheimer's patient, age 77, struck his head on the pavement when he fell face-first after being assaulted by police. Family members filed the suit in April.

Missoula man gets five years for DWI deaths

A young man from Missoula, Montana, pleaded guilty to two counts of vehicular homicide under the influence and one count of vehicular negligent assault after reportedly killing two of his friends and injuring another in a DWI accident. The man was sentenced on April 25 to five years’ prison time, though he has not yet faced any civil proceedings in connection with the two wrongful deaths.

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