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Authorities warn that vehicle collision rates are likely to rise at the beginning of the year. Holiday partygoers are sometimes dangerous on the roads, causing extra fatalities, especially during the late-night hours. A tragic car accident in December demonstrates the dangers that can be associated with taking to the roads during the Christmas holidays.

Authorities say the collision, which happened on Dec. 20 at about 2:00 p.m., was probably caused by inclement weather conditions. A 45-year-old driver proceeding east on Highway 2 reportedly lost control of her vehicle because of slippery road conditions, which caused her to plow into the vehicle of the 67-year-old victim. That woman’s vehicle was struck on the driver’s side by the out-of-control car. The woman was transported to medical facilities, where she later died from her injuries.

Another occupant in the victim’s vehicle was also transported to the hospital, though her condition remains unknown. A toddler and an infant in that vehicle were properly restrained and did not sustain injuries in the collision. The passenger in the at-fault vehicle was also injured in the crash.

Incident reports indicate that the at-fault driver was traveling too fast for road conditions. Additionally, authorities report that the victim who died might have been saved if she had chosen to wear her seatbelt.

Although the woman who struck the oncoming car may not face serious criminal charges in this case, family members of the victim could consider filing a civil suit for wrongful death. The older woman was ostensibly the grandmother to the children traveling in the car, so her absence will be felt throughout the family. Relatives could claim emotional distress and loss of consort in order to obtain additional funds that could be used for medical and funeral expenses. The woman received intensive care in the hospital before she died, which was almost certainly expensive. The passenger’s injuries may have also been costly.

Source: The Western News, “Libby woman, 67, dies of accident injuries,” Dec. 21, 2012.


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