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Many drivers think they can avoid punishment for an accident if they simply run away from the scene of the car accident. The decision to hit-and-run can have dire consequences. Not only do drivers face more penalties if they are apprehended after they leave the scene, but they also leave the occupants of the other vehicle to the whims of fate.

Victims of hit-and-run crashes have been known to suffer more severe injuries, or even die, because the other party left the scene of the crash to avoid getting in trouble. People who choose to break the law in such a flagrant and offensive manner should be brought to justice. If they are found to have acted negligently in causing personal injury, those victimized may choose to seek justice in civil court.

An area hit-and-run crash that happened late on the night of April 27 is still under investigation, according to authorities. The car accident occurred at the intersection of Grant Street and Euclid Avenue in Helena.

Police reports show that a Dodge Neon was headed eastbound when it was struck by a Jeep Cherokee that was traveling south. A passenger in the Neon was transported to St. Peter’s Hospital by ambulance because of her injuries, and the 21-year-old driver traveled to the hospital in a privately owned vehicle. Neither occupants’ injuries appeared life-threatening, although the passenger seemed to be in serious condition, according to officers on the scene. Updates on the occupants’ conditions were not available even several days after the crash.

The vehicle that caused the hit-and-run has been located, police say, but no charges have been filed and no arrests have been made. Officers say that several people were in the Jeep Cherokee when the wreck occurred, and they have not yet determined who was driving the vehicle.

Source: HelenaIR, “Hit-and-run on Euclid still under investigation,” Angela Brandt, April 28, 2012


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