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There have been reported accidental shootings in Montana involving Remington Model 700 rifles. A 14-year old was injured in 1988 after his brother released the safety on the gun which caused it to discharge without touching the trigger. And in a 2000 incident, a 9-year old Montana boy was killed allegedly due to an inadvertent discharge resulting from use of the same Remington model rifle. This discharge supposedly occurred when the 9-year old boy’s mother pushed the safety switch on.

The father of the 9-year old boy would now like court files from the 1988 incident unsealed. The father felt that inside of these files would be evidence showing that Remington knew of safety problems with this particular rifle since the 1940s. The father of the 9-year old boy believes that the fire-control system used on the Remington rifle allows for it to discharge without a pulling of the trigger.

The utmost care is required in the design and manufacture of potentially dangerous products such as rifles. Often such products are removed from the market only after someone is killed or injured. It is also often discovered that alternate designs were available for the product that the manufacturer refused to consider.

If you know of someone injured in a firearm accident, legal counsel would generally be advisable. Firearm injuries are generally severe and can lead to long term hospitalizations, medical expenses that may or may not be covered by insurance, and wage losses due to the injured party is unable to return to work. More importantly, dangerous and defective products may continually be manufactured until the company that manufactures them is held accountable in a legal action.

Accidental discharge is generally the most common cause of firearm accidents, and such injuries often involve close relatives or friends. As is indicated by the two above incidents, a potential defect in one of these products can have deadly consequences.

Source: Missoulian, “Fatal shooting: Father wants Remington lawsuit documents unsealed in hopes of rifle recall,” by Percy Backus, Oct. 28, 2011


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