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When traveling on an interstate, drivers need to be cautious of their surroundings, which include other drivers. People travel at all different speeds on the interstate, including many people going below the speed limit. Someone going too fast and not paying attention can creep up on a slower car and not have enough time to react.

This appears to be the case in an Oct. 10 car accident in Gallatin County, Montana. A 1929 Model A Ford was traveling westbound on I-90 at 40 miles per hour when it was rear-ended by a minivan driving at regular highway speeds. A 64-year-old female passenger in the Model A was killed in crash, which occurred at mile marker 284 between Three Forks and Manhattan. The Model A driver received minor injuries, while the minivan driver was unhurt. Montana State Troopers have said it is lawful to operate an antique car on its highways.

No information was immediately available as to whether or not the minivan driver was cited. No information was disclosed about the availability of seatbelts in the Model A and whether or not the passenger was wearing one.

In a case such as this, the woman’s estate may want to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. While people need to be cautious when driving on high-speed roads, they should not have to fear for their lives because a negligent driver could come along at any time. In Gallatin County, an attorney dedicated to helping accident victims surviving family members may offer some support and help prosecute claims to recover monetary damages from all negligent parties.

Source: KTVQ, “Antique car involved in I-90 fatal accident,” Oct. 12, 2011


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