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Now that summer is here, are accidents less likely?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2024 | Car Accidents |

As the sun graces Montana with its warm embrace, many of us bask in the glory of summer, especially after a harsh winter. But, does this seasonal shift translate to safer roads?

The myth of summer safety

It is tempting to assume that longer daylight hours lead to fewer accidents. However, the reality is more nuanced. While daylight visibility improves, it also encourages more people to hit the road, whether for scenic drives, vacations or outdoor activities. This increased traffic volume can result in more motor vehicle accidents.

Summer temperatures can also make asphalt sticky and tires less grippy. This can affect braking distances and increase the likelihood of car accidents. Hot weather can also cause tire blowouts, adding to roadway risks.

Tourists and traffic

Montana’s natural beauty attracts tourists during the summer. Increased traffic, unfamiliar roads and distracted drivers can contribute to car accidents. The influx of out-of-state drivers unfamiliar with local roads can further complicate traffic safety.

Winter versus summer

Montana winters bring icy roads, snowstorms and treacherous conditions. Reduced traction and poor visibility elevate the risk of accidents. Drivers must navigate black ice and heavy snow, which makes winter driving particularly hazardous.

Winter weather keeps some drivers off the roads, which leads to decreased traffic volume. However, those who do venture out face higher car accident risks due to adverse conditions. Even with fewer vehicles, the challenges of winter driving often result in severe accidents.

Winter also pushes wildlife closer to roads in search of food. Collisions with deer, elk or moose are more common during colder months that adds another layer of risk for drivers.

The verdict

While summer may seem idyllic, it does not guarantee accident-free roads. Both seasons have their challenges. Vigilance, defensive driving and adherence to safety guidelines remain crucial year-round. Remember, the road does not discriminate between seasons.



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