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Harmed by a defective Remington rifle? You may have legal options

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2024 | Firearm Injuries |

Whether it is for sport, hunting or protection, gun ownership comes with a lot of responsibilities. However, when an individual is cleared to purchase and own a gun, there is an expectation that the gun will operate as intended. Unfortunately, guns, like other consumer products, could be impacted by defects.

Even when all safety steps and precautions are taken, a defective gun presents many dangers to anyone encountering it. A gun going off without pulling the trigger is likely to have serious or even fatal result. As such, those impacted by a defective gun, specifically a Remington Model 700 bolt-action rifle, should understand their rights and options when it comes to addressing the harms caused by this serious defect.

A consumer could be met with tragedy when encountering a defective Remington rifle. At Ramler Law Office, P.C., our law firm knows firsthand the tragic fate consumers and individuals of the public have suffered because of a defective Remington rifle. Our attorneys have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to handling these specific cases, and we work diligently to help our clients move through the civil litigation process successfully.

The specific defect in this model impacts the trigger and safety system, which is often referred to as the Walker trigger system or fire control. In simple terms, this defect causes a component of the trigger to not return to its proper position after firing. Thus, resulting in the rifle firing off without the trigger being pulled.

Civil actions

Although Remington Arms Company, LLC filed for bankruptcy back in 2020, this does not mean those harmed by this defect do not have recourses. If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one due to this defect, you might have a case. A civil action, or possibly a class action lawsuit, might be possible. Thus, you may have the ability to hold the company or any other negligent party liable for the defect and the damages it caused.

Harms suffered due to a defective rifle can be significant. While it might be a difficult and emotional event in your life, it is important to understand the legal rights and options available to you. A civil action could help with an award of compensation, helping those harmed or impacted address the losses and damages suffered.


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