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What are my options if I am hurt in a gun accident?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Firearm Injuries |

As is the case throughout Montana, Bozeman and the surrounding communities have many people who enjoy hunting and shooting.

Of course, with this hobby comes the risk of a serious gun accident that could leave a person dead or with a permanent disability.

Assuming they survive, a gunshot victim may not be able to return to work and could also have mounting medical bills. The severity of the injury will depend on where the bullet hits a person and other factors.

The financial cost aside, injuries also take a huge emotional toll on victims and their families. Victims deserve to be compensated for this loss as well.

Victims of firearms accidents have a number of legal options to recover from those responsible for a gun accident:

  • If the victim suffered an injury because of another person’s careless handling of a firearm, they may be able to sue the person who handled the firearm for negligence.
  • On a related point, they may also be able to sue the person who owned or provided the firearm that caused the accident. Take, for example, the case of a parent who gives their teen a gun they do not know how to handle properly.
  • If an injury occurs on a shooting range or other private property, the property owner may be legally responsible. This will depend on a number of circumstances.

What if something went wrong with the gun itself and caused the accident?

In some situations, the gun itself may be responsible for the accident. As one example, Remington rifles were in the news in recent years because some of them fired even though no one pulled the trigger.

Manufacturers and distributers of hunting firearms have legal obligations to make sure their products are designed and built with personal safety in mind.

If something goes wrong with a gun and causes an injury, the victim may be able to sue the business that manufactured the gun. Other types of product liability cases may be available to the victim as well.


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