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Head-on collision on I-90 takes lives of two young women

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Head-on collisions on an interstate highway can be fatal for both drivers due to the high speed of interstate highway traffic. A recent head-on collision on I-90 near Belgrade took the lives of two women, one a teenager from Billings.

The accident

The Montana Highway Patrol said that an SUV involved in the collision had been traveling west in the eastbound lane toward Billings for 12 miles before the accident occurred. Emergency responders arrived at the scene within minutes, but both women were pronounced dead at the scene. Neither driver was transporting passengers.

The reason for the direction of the wrong-way vehicle has not been completely explained, but police say that alcohol or drugs are suspected as the cause of the accident.

How the family feels

The family of the teenager who died in the accident was interviewed extensively by a local TV channel, and their feelings. The family is still trying to process the news of their daughter’s death. They spoke of the pain and heartbreaking loss they are experiencing.

Wrongful death

Many other families have experienced similar feelings when one of their loved ones has died in an auto accident. While nothing can bring back their loved one, a wrongful death lawsuit can help give families the resources they need to carry on after a tragic loss.

A conference with an experienced personal injury attorney can provide a useful analysis of the evidence, potential legal strategies, and an opinion on the likelihood of recovering damages for the wrongful death of the family member.


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