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What are common causes of trucking accidents in Montana?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Large trucks are a daily sight on the Montana roads and the roads across the United States. These vehicles are integral to the economy and the well-being of people throughout the nation. They transport food, medicine, clothing, household items and much more. While most drivers are vigilant with taking their job and road safety seriously, there are inherent dangers when encountering these huge vehicles. Being in a collision with a large truck while in a smaller vehicle can result in catastrophic injuries and death. Regardless of how conscientious about their surroundings drivers are, these accidents can happen with a swift suddenness, changing lives – or ending them. For those who have been injured or lost a loved one in a trucking accident, there are certain facts to remember.

Being aware of catalysts for truck accidents is a critical step

Knowing how and why these accidents happen is essential. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration studies why accidents occur and advises drivers on preventative safety. Frequently, the crashes occur because of a mistake on the part of the trucker or due to issues with the vehicle itself. Since truckers are on the road for long stretches and their income might be predicated on getting their delivery to its destination in a certain time-frame, it is not uncommon for them to break the rules. That could mean speeding, using drugs or spending too much time on the road without a break and pushing themselves beyond their limits. Drowsy driving is undeniably risky. A trucker could fall asleep at the wheel and drift into other lanes or head across the divider into oncoming traffic. He or she might not stop when traffic is ahead and be traveling at significant speed.

Drivers might also believe that since they are experienced and are traveling a straight line on a highway, they can use devices when behind the wheel. Distraction is rapidly becoming the most common spark for an auto accident and truckers are not immune. Paying attention is crucial. Because truckers drive across the nation, a driver from New Jersey might not be aware of the small differences and quirks of a Montana road. One wrong turn could lead to tragic consequences.

Recently, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) had its Brake Safety Week for commercial vehicles. Part of it was announced and another part was unannounced. The goal was to check these large trucks to ensure their brakes were in working order. If they were not, the vehicle was taken out of service. This is a violation for which the driver and the truck company are responsible. Citations can be issued for unsafe brakes. Problems with the vehicle itself are also a reason why truck accidents occur. Truck companies must also be scrutinized as they might hire people who are either not qualified to be operating these large vehicles or take shortcuts because they are desperate for staff. An inexperienced or unqualified trucker will not understand the nuance of trucking and could cause accidents because of it.

The aftermath of a truck accident can cause a litany of challenges

Montana residents who have been hurt or lost a loved one in trucking accidents will need to know what they are up against. Hospitalizations, medical costs, lost companionship, the need to care for an injured loved one and loss of life are possible. As part of a plan of action, it is vital to know how and why the accident might have happened and gather evidence to prove it. From the beginning, it can be difficult to assess all the options and know how to proceed. Consulting with those experienced in these types of crashes can provide information and guidance to try and move forward.



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