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What should I do after a rear-end collision?

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Getting into a car accident is a frightening experience. It is helpful to have a clear list to follow in the event of an accident. Although specifically tailored to follow a rear-end collision, many of the tips below can prove valuable after any auto accident.

#1: Injuries

Those involved in a rear-end collision should check for injuries. Are you hurt? Do you need medical attention? Is anyone else in your vehicle or anyone else involved in the accident injured? The first priority is almost always getting medical attention as needed.

#2: Stay at the scene

In the event of a serious accident it is important to stay at the scene of the crash. If possible, move your vehicle and anything else that could be blocking traffic or causing a hazard out of the way. If not possible to do so safely, wait for authorities.

Depending on the severity of the accident, you may need to call the police. Montana state law requires drivers report car accidents in certain situations, for example if the accident resulted in injury, death or more than $1,000 in property damage.

#3: Gather information

If you are not injured, begin gathering information about the accident. Get the other driver’s name and contact information as well as contact information for anyone else that was involved in the accident or those who may have witnessed the crash. If appropriate, take photos of the damage.

#4: After the crash

After the accident, it is a good idea to contact your insurance provider. You should also keep records of anything that has changed since after the accident. If you needed medical treatment, chiropractic care or pain medications, keep copies of the bills. Keep detailed notes of any missed work or other ways the accident may have impacted employment. Get an estimate of the damage done to your vehicle and keep a copy of this as well.

Rear-end accidents are rarely the fault of the person who is hit. If the accident was serious, the driver the vehicle that was struck may have a case against the other driver. If successful, this type of case can result in compensation to help cover the expenses that result from the accident.



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