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How you can avoid drunk drivers this summer

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol jeopardizes the lives of the reckless driver and everyone around them. Responsible drivers can only do so much to stay safe on the roads, and knowing how to spot drunk drivers is an excellent method of avoiding an accident with them.

Despite the risks of driving drunk being common knowledge, these accidents continue to happen. For safe drivers to recognize a drunk driver, what are the signs someone can spot to identify an unsafe driver?


When someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, their motor skills are the first to be impacted. If they are driving, this means they might not be able to control how accurate they are driving. It would stand to reason that the driver would not be able to stay within their lane.

Erratic speeds

A drunk driver loses focus on essential details like their speedometer. When they finally notice their speed is either too high or low, they can overreact to correct the problem, which can cause an accident.


Vision is another function that drugs and alcohol impair. A driver may not be able to focus their vision well enough to see clearly on the road. When something does come into focus for a drunk driver, they may suddenly jerk their vehicle to avoid an accident.

Driving in illegal areas

A drunk driver also has limited judgment skills, and decide that driving outside of designated areas is a good idea. If you spot a person driving on the sidewalk or the shoulder of the road, it may be because they are driving under the influence.

Do not risk it

If you spot a driver showing these signs or other behaviors that make you uncomfortable, trust your instincts, and get away. Do not attempt to speed past them, as that may startle the other driver and cause an accident. Pull back from the reckless driver and give yourself plenty of space to react to a possible collision.


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