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Gun owners should be aware of defective triggers

by | Jan 31, 2020 | Defective Remington Rifles |

The vast majority of gun owners in the United States are responsible individuals who are passionate about safely owning and maintaining their guns. This is why so many have been outraged to learn that some types of guns on the market have been alleged to have defective triggers.

Over a dozen models of Remington firearms have been investigated for allegedly having a malfunctioning trigger, meaning that guns would fire even though their trigger had not been pulled. The allegations mean that over 7.5 million responsible gun owners could be inadvertently putting themselves and their families at risk by owning these potentially defective guns.

It’s believed that many people have been seriously injured and killed due to this malfunction. If you are the owner of a Remington firearm, you should learn more about how to ensure the safety of yourself and your family, and the legal options that are available to you if a loved one has been injured.

Who has been injured by Remington firearm trigger malfunctions?

There have been many instances in which Remington firearm trigger malfunctions may have caused accidental injuries and deaths, the earliest dating back to 2000. In October 2000, a 9-year-old boy was killed on a hunting trip by a Remington rifle. The mother of the boy said that the Model 700 went off as she was unloading it.

This tragic occurrence led the father to investigate the safety of Remington rifles, and this investigation led to the family settling a wrongful death claim against the company. Unfortunately, there have been many more instances in which trigger malfunctions seem to have played a part in a tragedy.

What legal options are available for Remington firearm owners?

Those who own one of the affected firearms are able to get free trigger replacements in most situations. If you believe that a loved one’s injury was caused by a faulty firearm trigger, you may be able to engage in a personal injury lawsuit against the gun manufacturer.

Gun manufacturers have the duty to hold the highest possible safety standards in production so that people are kept safe at all times. If you believe that a gun manufacturer has failed in their duty, you may be able to take legal action against them.


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