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Common problems with AR-15s

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Firearm Injuries |

Even if you’ve owned and fired AR-15s for years, you can experience problems with the rifle not firing properly — or at all. Some malfunctions are caused by human error. Others are caused by problems with the firearm itself. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons that AR-15s malfunction:

  • Feed malfunctions: Failure to feed can happen anywhere between loading and firing for a number of reasons. There are different types of ammunition feed malfunctions that can occur with the AR-15.
  • Firing malfunctions: Failure to fire is most often caused by a defective firing pin or defective ammunition.
  • Failure to extract: This can be a particularly dangerous malfunction because it means that a cartridge is still in the chamber. If a live round is fed in to that cartridge, the AR-15 can fire unexpectedly.
  • Magazine/buffer spring malfunctions: If more than one magazine fails to work, it may be because the buffer spring is worn or damaged.

Too many injuries and fatalities are caused by defective firearms or by people trying to fix a problem on their own. If you are having issues with your AR-15 not working properly, it’s best to take it to a reputable, experienced firearms dealer for examination and repair. They can also tell you if there’s a defect with the weapon.

If you or a loved one is injured or worse by a defective or malfunctioning AR-15 or other firearm, it’s wise to talk with an experienced attorney. They can help you determine what your legal options are for seeking justice and compensation from the manufacturer and/or others who may bear responsibility.


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