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Gun maker facing third lawsuit over accidental discharges

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Firearm Injuries |

Gun manufacturer SIG Sauer finds itself on the wrong side of yet another potential class-action suit. The cases involve instances of one of its most popular weapons discharging without the trigger being pulled.

Multiple people, including law enforcement officers, say they were injured when their P320 pistol fired on its own. One transit police force recently took the weapon out of service after one officer’s weapon reportedly discharged on its own inside a subway station.

The most recent proposed class-action suit is similar to two others involving an alleged design flaw that can cause the gun to go off unexpectedly. Even though it’s been advertised as “drop safe,” the guns reportedly have gone off when they’re dropped.

The latest suit was filed in a federal court in New Hampshire, where the company’s U.S. operations are headquartered, and accuses the company of violating the New Hampshire Consumer Protection Act. In part, it accuses the gun maker of continuing to sell the P320 even after it learned about that design flaw that could cause it to malfunction.

SIG Sauer contends that the gun is safe. On its website, it says that the pistol “meets and exceeds all U.S. safety standards.” However, a little over two years ago it started offering owners a “voluntary upgrade.” That upgrade involves an updated trigger and slide.

Class-action suits, like guns, are powerful weapons. When multiple people have suffered injuries caused by a gun manufacter’s negligence, they can often succeed by banding together. However, depending on the situation, an individual lawsuit may be more appropriate. An experienced Montana attorney can provide you with valuable guidance.


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